Frequently Asked Questions | Title Reports

What counties do you serve in Oklahoma?

We currently provide title reports for all 77 counties in Oklahoma. See below:

Adair, Alfalfa, Atoka, Beaver, Beckham, Blaine, Bryan, Caddo, Canadian, Carter, Cherokee, Choctaw, Cimarron, Cleveland, Coal, Comanche, Cotton, Craig, Creek, Custer, Delaware, Dewey, Ellis, Garfield, Garvin, Grady, Grant, Greer, Harmon, Harper, Haskell, Hughes, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnston, Kay, Kingfisher, Kiowa, Latimer, Le Flore, Lincoln, Logan, Love, Major, Marshall, Mayes, McClain, McCurtain, McIntosh, Murray, Muskogee, Noble, Nowata, Okfuskee, Oklahoma, Okmulgee, Osage, Ottawa, Pawnee, Payne, Pittsburg, Pontotoc, Pottawatomie, Pushmataha, Roger Mills, Rogers, Seminole, Sequoyah, Stephens, Texas, Tillman, Tulsa, Wagoner, Washington, Washita, Woods, Woodward

How do I place an Order?

You can simply click the “Order A Title Report” button on our homepage screen, fill out the form and click the “submit” button. One of our team members will contact you to verify we received your order. You can also contact our order desk by phone at (405) 459-0011 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.

What is a title report?

A title report is the resulting document of data research on a piece of real estate. Our expert researchers will research the property, such as transfers, liens, judgments, and other recorded data. The results are compiled into a report, called a title report. This report can be used to understand the status of the property, such as if there are liens against the property, or ownership staus.

A title report is a process that is preformed primarily to determine the answer to three questions:

Does the seller have a marketable interest in the property?

What kind of restriction or allowances pertains to the use of the land (real covenants, easements, or servitudes’s)? (included only with custom reports)
Do any liens exist on the property which needs to be paid off at closing (mortgages, back taxes, mechanic’s liens, or other assessments)?

What is a chain of title?

A chain of title is the sequence of historical transfer of title to a property. The “chain” runs from the present owner back for a period of at least 30 years. In situations where documentation of ownership is important, it is often necessary to reconstruct the chain of title.

Who needs a title report?

Many of our clients are investors who are looking at properties for purchase. These potential buyers wish to determine the status of any liens that may be on the property. In addition, the buyer wants to make sure that the chain of title is correct and understand the current ownership of the property. Sometimes, knowing the amount of mortgages on a property, or if there are financial problems can help with the negotiations. In addition, some of our clients need a title report as part of a family event, such as divorce, estate or otherwise. Many homeowners are now checking their own homes title status on a regular basis, to make sure no liens are attaching to the property. A title report is also performed when an owner of a certain real property wishes to mortgage his property and the bank requires a title report to insure their transaction.

What is the difference between a property report and a title report?

You may see that property reports are available online, sometimes for as little as $10. This report is usually a copy of the tax records, showing the name of the assessed owner, and possibly with some neighborhood information. This is NOT the same as a title report, as it does not search for liens, judgments, or ownership transfers.

Do you search for liens and judgments?

Yes, this is the most important part of a title report. We run a lien and judgment search for the property, and list all liens and judgments recorded against the current owner of the property. This includes both mortgage liens, and all non-voluntary liens such as tax liens, contractor liens, etc. We also provide tax information on the property.

How long will it take to get my title report results back?

A complete title report will on average take between 12- 72 hours (Not including weekends). We have a team of researches located in three strategic locations (Enid, Tulsa, Oklahoma City) so we can provide services in ALL 77 counties.

How are the results sent to me?

We normally send the results of title reportes by email. The full search often contains document image copies which are scanned to PDF files for you. You can view the documents on screen, download them to your computer, or print copies at your desktop. We can fax upon request.

Is the property owner notified of a search?

No, our report does not involve visiting the property, or notifying the owner, or occupants. County records offices do not normally make notice of searches either.

What about commercial properties?

We can normally do a property report on commercial properties for the same price. However, in some cases if the property value is excessive, or the records abnormally complex, a commercial property report may be priced higher and the turnaround may be extended. We will contact you before proceeding if this is the case.

How long has Surety Title been in business?

We are a third-generation family owned business. Surety Title was formed in 1976.

How do I contact you to place an order or ask a question?

You can contact our office direct 405-459-0011, or email us at
Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Mailing Address

Surety Title
P.O. Box 66
Enid, OK 73702